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Heartmate LVAD shirt woman white
Breathable fabric
Convenient battery pockets

Customer reviews

Bouba Diemé
Mattapan, USA
"I got the t-shirt yesterday. Great product!!! Thanks a lot for the good work and service."

Comfortable and discreet T-shirt for people with LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) HeartMate heart pump.

An LVAD is a chance for a new life for patients with heart failure. It is more and more common to use continuous-flow pumps - HeartMate 2 and HeartMate 3. However, carrying a pump device in a bag can be bothersome and not always safe - luggage draws attention, it is heavy and uncomfortable, complicates daily activities, such as traveling. The alternative is the LVAD shirt - a t-shirt, thanks to which the pump is just next to you, safely hidden, and wearing the battery is discreet and risk-free.

Why you should have LVAD shirt?

  • The fabric: light, stretchy, pleasant to the skin, similar to those used in sports clothes (92% spandex, 8% cotton). The material wicks moisture very well and dries quickly.
  • Equipped with pockets with tabs in which you can safely hide the batteries, and at the same time distribute their weight evenly. No more shoulder and back pain that accompanied you while carrying the pump device in the bag.
  • LVAD shirt is universal - may be worn when inserting the driveline both from the right and left side.
  • 100% of discretion. LVAD clothing has a deep neckline, neutral color, no attention-grabbing prints. You can wear it under a sweater or jacket – t-shirt doesn’t stand out, you can easy match it with your clothing.
  • Designed for people with LVAD HeartMate II or HeartMate III pump, by patients suffering from heart failure and VAD experts.

LVAD clothes works perfectly, regardless of the situation - you can wear it every day for work or travel time. It is worn by patients in 24 countries around the world who appreciated the comfort that a LVAD vest provides them in everyday life.

Sizes of men shirts

S 26 33 30.5
M 27 36.5 33.5
L 27.5 39 37
XL 28 41.5 39
XXL 29.5 45 43
XXXL 30 48 45

Sizes of women shirts

XS 25 33 30.5
S 26 34 31.5
M 26.5 37 34
L 27 40 37.5
XL 28 42 41
XXL 28.5 44.5 44
A - side length [in]
B - chest width [in]
C - waist width [in]
A - side length [in]
B - chest width [in]
C - waist width [in]
shipping in 24 hours
$ 69.99

Customer reviews

Danushka Kathriarachchi
Piliyandala , Sri Lanka
"I got the package. It’s awesome!! Thank you."